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The books for kids who want to be smarter than their smartphones

More than 30.000 readers have already learned the difference between “program” and “being programmed.”

MaraNoa, and Daniel are three teenagers from Liverpool who will face an enormous challenge in New York: learning how to program to turn themselves into hackers. That’s the only way to unlock the secrets behind the disappearance of Mara Turing’s uncle: Arnold Turing.

Latino Book Awards - Award Winning Author‘Rise of the Hackers’ is the beginning of a journey. The first book of the series won the Best Young Adult Fiction Book Award in 2020 in the LBA.

Book 1: Rise of the Hackers
(Mara Turing #1)
Now available

Book 2: Evil Reborn
(Mara Turing #2)
Coming in July 2021

Book 3: Falko's Missing Files
(Mara Turing #3)
Coming in December 2021

Rise of the Hackers is a book that promotes critical thinking and analytical mindset among young people.

Critical thinking

After reading 'Rise of the Hackers', you'll no longer ignore what happens with your private data when you upload something to the cloud.

Program or be programmed

As Douglas Rushkoff said in his book 'Program or be Programmed,' kids' attitudes will be vital in defining their role in the future world

You could be Mara Turing

Mara, Noa, and Daniel are three average teens who one fine day decide to be programmers instead of programmed


What reviewers and readers think about 'Rise of the Hackers'

Laura Sacristán (Xataka Spain)
An author who decides to break the stereotypes and chooses a girl to play a hacker's role deserves all my attention. 'Rise of the Hackers' caught me from the first word, and it did not take me too long to devour it. Its plot was promising, and it did not disappoint me `{`...`}` The book is well written, enjoyable, and easy to read. It combines a few basic lessons about programming, cryptography, and artificial intelligence, with the story of three average kids with their everyday problems.
- Laura Sacristán (Xataka Spain)
Pedro Ybarra, ABC (Spain)
This novel is an adventure with a didactic background. Don't get me wrong; it's not a learning book, but a story whose primary goal is to get kids to understand the world we live in. A world that's fracturing into two well-defined sides: Programmers and those who are programmed. Hackers and those who are hacked `{`...`}` Teenagers should understand that their jobs are not in danger because of other people, but because of a band of efficient robots which doesn't need sleeping, resting... And that's around the corner. It is better to know which possibilities bring technology in order to make a better choice for the future.
- Pedro Ybarra, ABC (Spain)
Paola (Sneaking Books, Youtube)
I was impressed by this book. It is meant to be read by kids around 12 or 13, but I loved it. It is the first book I read where a girl plays the hacker role. And that made me so happy. I really liked it when I read it. And I think you are going to like it too `{`...`}` If you fancy the world of computing and programming... Or if you don't, but you are curious, you are going to love it. It will help you to learn the principles of programming. Last but not least: it is also a Mystery book.
- Paola (Sneaking Books, Youtube)
Daniel González
I was surprised by this book. It is nice to read, and all the complex concepts inside are well explained for kids. I think it is a perfect book to give to your kids. They will feel the curiosity/necessity about learning how to handle their smartphones, and, at the same time, they will feel conscious about everything all those games and apps that leave a digital footprint.
Honestly, we have loved this book (and we say this as an engineer and pedagogue).
- Daniel González