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Mara turing III Falko's missing files

Mara Turing III is out now!

“Falko’s Missing Files,” the third episode of the Mara Turing saga, is ready. After more than ten months of pounding away at the keyboard like a madman, I’ve managed to wrap up a book that I’m very proud of. “Falko’s Missing Files” is the best novel I know how to write to this day. I’m…

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Evil Reborn draft

‘Evil Reborn’, the second episode of the saga, is ready

‘Evil Reborn‘ is ready. The book debugger, Amparo Baca, is going over it with a red pen to mark possible bugs and correct them before sending the final version of the first edition to the printer. Writing this second part hasn’t been easy for me. Not easy at all. I suffered, in fact, from what…

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Javi Padilla during a presentation of Mara Turing at a school in Seville

Hacking Classrooms: Useful Knowledge on Privacy and Technology for Children and Teens

I’ve visited some schools to talk about Mara Turing, and I must admit I’ve had some very fun and rewarding experiences. The setup is almost always the same: a classroom full of kids who come to listen to a stranger promising to talk to them about hackers, programming, the internet, mobile phones… and, on top…

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book hacker

Mara Turing Hacked: When Your Book Gets Pirated

From the question mark (What’s my book doing there?) to the exclamation mark (What’s my book doing there!), only a few minutes passed. Very few. It was the time I spent going through several intermediate states: euphoria (Someone took the time to pirate me!), puzzlement (Could this be positive because it might help more people…

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Mara Turing, Noa y Daniel

Anna G. Sola: “To create Mara, I was inspired by Cristina, one of my best friends”

The day I discovered Anna G. Sola, she was denouncing an injustice on Twitter. Someone had asked her to work for free, basically, and had disguised it as an opportunity. The solidarity that occasionally appears on that social network —in the form of retweets— helped me discover her thanks to the echo her complaint had….

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corrections book Mara Turing

The wise ones who have helped me along the way

I dream of being a good writer someday, that’s why I like to draw inspiration from those whom I hold in such high regard. When Mara Turing was nothing more than a blurry plot, lacking nuances and with faintly drawn characters, I ventured to ask a few people about structure, creative process, inspiration, and so…

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