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Mara turing III Falko's missing files

Mara Turing III is out now!

Falko’s Missing Files,” the third episode of the Mara Turing saga, is ready. After more than ten months of pounding away at the keyboard like a madman, I’ve managed to wrap up a book that I’m very proud of.
Falko’s Missing Files” is the best novel I know how to write to this day. I’m not just talking about the technique, the prose, or the plot, but the spirit behind each page, each scene.
What’s this third book about? It’s about explaining the origins of Falko McKinnon. I can’t conceive villains without a reason for being. If someone is cruel and evil, there must be a backstory that underpins that difficult, rugged personality that strikes when you least expect it. An inner force that drives the antagonist to disrupt the lives of others.
This third book has been simmering slowly, with ideas and scenarios that grew during the multiple sleepless nights I endured during the Covid-19 lockdown. But honestly, I don’t think that toll weighs on me at all if the result is a work like the one I’ve been able to complete.
I’m very grateful to Samarcanda Publishing — especially to María and Chema — for hurrying to manage the printing of the first 1,000 copies to place them in the Mara Turing store. I admit I came with little time (as always…) and asked them for the impossible. In the end, we made it.
The curious thing is that as soon as the book was released, I already have my beloved readers eagerly asking for the fourth one. I mean, how do I explain it to you? I’m still recovering from giving birth to the third one!
Yago was amazed!!!! When he saw the stamp on the envelope he guessed it 🤣🤣 but he didn’t imagine the surprise. He’s already started it. He says your books are cool and hopes you release the 4th one soon… it won’t last long 🤭
This episode consists of over 500 pages in which I was fully involved. In fact, I can say that I’ve produced almost the entire episode. Writing, layout, plot, cover…
Falko's missing files cover
This composition contains many little details: a pirate ship, the profile of Moscow, and a young cracker who would become, over the years, a celebrity…
Of course, other people have helped me. Especially Amparo Baca, who once again corrected everything at a breakneck pace, flying and staying up all night so that we could make it to the printer on time. This wouldn’t be possible without her effort and her love for Mara Turing. And then we have a new illustrator in this book: Aurelio Domínguez. I think we’ll see more of him here.

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